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Fred Mitchell is a German-born American photographer working in Los Angeles. He holds a BFA and MFA in photography from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and University of Nevada at Las Vegas, respectively. Upon completion of his degrees he has worked as an adjunct professor, art director, and photographer all while maintaining his practice as a fine artist.

Fred regularly explores process & project based work, where he researches and explores topics organically while he constructs a body of work. Often, his projects weave multiple seemingly unrelated themes to create complex visual narratives with the intention of unique experiences to be gleaned upon multiple viewings.

He has received grants from the state of Alabama as well as from the city of Las Vegas and state of Nevada. In 2019 his work has been featured in exhibitions in throughout North America as well as internationally most recently in Italy and Germany. Previous online exhibitions include Cumulus Photo Review & Humble Arts Foundation. His work is included in Noah Waldeck’s (Subjectively Objective) Observations in the Ordinary. Recent periodicals to contain Fred’s projects include Stem Magazine, Community Garden, and Architectural Digest. In Fall of 2020 Yoffy Press will be publishing his first monograph, You Can’t Go, All The Plants Will Die! interpreting failed relationships through deceased plant material.